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How to Choose Tom Ford Perfumes - Cologne in 2024?

Perfume magnifies infinite charm on both men and women, and various luxury brands are competing in this category. The average price of each category of perfume is about hundreds to thousands of dollars. Just like the Tom Ford perfumes we are going to introduce today, each one makes people curious because of its excellent marketing pictures and usage experience. Spend money to try it. It seems that spraying this perfume will make you sexier.

Cologne, the originator of all perfumes, was first launched in Germany with a concentration of only 2%-5%. It is a bit surprising that it was not proposed in Paris, because Paris is famous for its fragrances and has set many standards in the perfume industry. I have to say that almost every brand has a cologne category. Although it is not exactly the same as classic cologne of Germany kind, they all maintain an obvious top note of citrus as the main ingredient + a clean and simple middle and base note. Let’s take a look at what is worth exploring about Tom Ford’s cologne.

The first one, Tom Ford Cologne - Ébène Fumé

Mr. Ford's eponymous fragrances often make a statement with rich, bold scents. The top notes of this perfume are very rich with smoky incense and papyrus. The spicy black pepper and a lot of labdanum are enveloped by this smoky scent. The presence of pine tar is also very strong, and the green Sandalwood, combined with other spices, restores the flavor of Peruvian sacred wood. The top note is thicker, slightly pungent, and a spicy woody tone with a full smoky feel.

Tom Ford Ébène Fumé

The presence of leather and labdanum in the middle notes rises sharply, while the smoky and dusty feel not only does not decrease but becomes more obvious. The rose brings a bit of acidity to the fragrance, and the fragrance feels dirty when you feel it carefully. , then the scent of papyrus, resin, and ebony gradually emerged, gradually suppressing the scent of leather and labdanum, and the fragrance gradually became warm and calm.

The powdery aftertaste fades, and the fragrance gradually becomes calmer and calmer. The combination of ebony and guaiac wood still has a slightly smoky aroma (not strong), while the resin provides a little sweetness to the fragrance. Generally speaking, it gives people a dense woody and smoky aroma, but it is not too greasy.

The second one, Tom Ford perfumes-Costa Azzurra

Although cologne is generally used by men due to its low concentration, women can also choose it according to their own preferences. Therefore, it can be regarded as a neutral fragrance, which is refreshing, elegant, non-greasy and less aggressive. Since citrus essential oil is highly volatile, you can spray it several times when using it. The scent of the perfume will fade away after staying on the shirt for just a few hours. Because citrus essential oils tend to need to be kept cold, cologne will smell different when it's placed on warm skin. If you use cologne in summer, it is recommended to spray it on your clothes or hair.

Tom Ford Costa Azzurra

It will be launched in 2021 and is a unisex fragrance with an aromatic marine tone. Top notes are driftwood, seaweed, agarwood, cardamom, ambrette (musk mallow) and celery seed; middle notes are lemon, cypress, lavender, tangerine, myrtle and mugwort; base notes are incense, vetiver Grass, oak, olive, frankincense or vanilla and vanilla. The bottle has a beautiful design and the Mediterranean scent is perfect for summer and outdoor activities. Woody and fresh, with hints of lemon, cypress and lavender.

The third one, Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

This is a more classic unisex fragrance from the Tom Ford brand, and it tends to be sweet. The top notes of rum and honey give it a slightly tipsy feeling, and the fresh lemon gradually starts to become a little sweeter. The middle notes are rich in floral fragrance, but not the kind of strong grand floral fragrance, it's still as sweet as ever. The base notes of balsam round out the scent, and the blend of vanilla and honey makes people feel happy. Friends who like sandalwood can avoid this one because the feeling of sandalwood is not clear in this cologne.

Tom Ford Velvet Orchid

The middle note of Velvet Orchid is a mixture of jasmine, rose, orchid, orchid, orange blossom, magnolia, hyacinth, narcissus and other floral fragrances, which adds to the gentle temperament of this perfume and releases a sultry atmosphere with every gesture.

The fourth one, Tom Ford Oud Wood

This cologne has a high-end positioning due to its precious raw materials. The scent is mixed with agarwood (oud), Brazilian rosewood, cardamom, peppercorns, sandalwood, vanilla root, tonka bean, vanilla, amber and other flavors.

Tom Ford Oud Wood

When I first sprayed it, it smelled of forest vegetation, with a faint medicinal smell and a touch of powdery powder, which was a bit sour. After a while, the woody fragrance began to show up, a feeling like the forest you smell when you open the house early in the morning. Later, the smell began to sink, like the calm smell of dead wood under the sunset, no longer the dewy woody fragrance.

The overall change of the perfume is becoming more and more calm and gentle, more and more fascinating, giving people a sense of men and women who have been baptized by the years, becoming more mentally and physically mature, gradually tolerant, restrained, and extremely low-key and luxurious. If you have a fit budget, consider trying it. I think it's very tempting.

The fifth one, Tom Ford Bitter Peach

This one gives people the feeling of being unique. If you want to create your own personal characteristics, then this one is perfect. It's a fruity scent for the fruity scent skeptic and a lovely, natural scent. You can also feel the full peach character from the bottle design.

Tom Ford Bitter Peach

Top notes of peach, blood orange and cardamom merge into a heart of rum, cognac and jasmine. The drydown includes vanilla, tonka bean and patchouli. The peaches here are not sweet or artificial. He feels real, even a little bitter. The contrast between the freshness of the peach and the warmth of the other notes really sets it apart.

Tom Ford's cologne is generally unique in the market, and it is difficult to find other very similar flavors. The appearance and marketing are very tempting. No matter which one you choose, you can choose according to your preferences and budget, and finally find your own unique taste.

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