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Lululemon Continues to Expand Online Fitness Resources

Iran Kenna

Jun 9, 2023

Canadian yoga sportswear retailer Lululemon will continue its partnership with global boutique fitness brand licensee Xponential Fitness.

Canadian yoga sportswear retailer Lululemon announced that it will renew its partnership with Xponential Fitness, a global boutique fitness brand authorized operator, to bring more online exercise options to users of its sports digital platform, Lululemon Studio.

It is reported that Xponential Fitness will soon add online content resources from sports and fitness brands such as Pure Barre, Rumble, AKT, and YogaSix to the Lululemon Studio platform.

At present, Lululemon Studio has become the preferred platform for on-demand and live fitness classes. Lululemon Studio subscribers can access more than 10,000 courses, and more types of Xponential Fitness brand fitness courses will also be launched in the future.

Members of Lululemon Studio get access to a wide range of sports and classes from brands like Pure Barre, Rumble, AKT, and YogaSix, as well as discounted in-person classes at those brands' brick-and-mortar stores.

Xponential Fitness

Garrett Marshall, President of Xponential+, Xponential Fitness' digital platform, said, "Xponential recognizes the changing landscape of modern fitness consumers who seek a seamless blend of online and in-person workouts to meet their diverse needs. Aligned with Lululemon's vision, Xponential is committed to bridging the gap between the online and offline fitness experiences. We recognize the expectations of today's cross-fit consumer and are excited to continue our partnership with Lululemon."

At the same time, Xponential Fitness stated that the cooperation between Lululemon and Xponential Fitness has further clarified Xponential's mission to make boutique fitness accessible to everyone.

"We're excited to expand our partnership with Xponential Fitness to bring their world-class fitness programs into the lululemon studio, giving consumers even more choice," said Celeste Burgoyne, president of lululemon Americas and Global Client Innovation.

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