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Why Is Tom Ford Perfume so Expensive?

Tom Ford's perfume can be said to be very famous, and Tom Ford is simply synonymous with sexiness. Even Tom Ford himself is very handsome and smart and was called "the sexiest gay man in the world" by movie star Rita Wilson.

Tom Ford
Tom Ford

Tom Ford is an American. He was born in Texas, USA, and grew up in Santa Fe. He studied fashion and interior design at Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris. He is a famous designer, but now he and Richard have settled in London for a long time.

Because he studied design in New York and Paris and then went to work in Italy, he has a strong sense of European elegance and style. The most obvious manifestation is Tom Ford's perfume. It is said that many of Tom Ford's perfumes are inspired by his experience in Europe.

In 1990, he joined Gucci, and in 1994, he became creative director. In 2000, he became the creative director of Yves Saint Laurent. The classic fragrance of YSL was Patchouli, which was Tom Ford's favorite.

In 2004, he officially founded the brand Tom Ford, named after himself. Its products include men's clothing, women's clothing, bags, shoes, glasses, and cosmetics that women are most concerned about.

The profound professional knowledge has created the mass base of Tom Ford perfume, and the price should not be underestimated. The author believes that it is mainly reflected in the following reasons:

1. Market positioning of Tom Ford perfumes

Some other professional perfume brands, which are positioned at the low end, with a large customer base and high sales volume, lowers the average price. Tom Ford is positioned as a mid-end to high-end product, and its design concept and style are more in line with the preferences of mid-end to high-end customers. These customers recognize Tom Ford, pay for it, and can also contribute high profits.

Tom Ford products

Clothes and bags range from US$500 to US$4,000+. Perfumes are generally priced at US$100 to US$1,000, depending on the fragrance and popularity of the product in line with the positioning of high-end luxury goods.

2. Unique producing characteristics

The technical content of the perfume itself is not too high, but it is more about the stable quality, pleasing fragrance, experience, and popularity of the perfumer. Coupled with Tom Ford's very seductive advertising blockbuster, it can be said that the marketing is very attractive, as if we can be as attractive as the models after using their perfume. Each scent has its own unique story.

For example, Noir Extreme Parfum, an enhanced version of the original Noir Extreme fragrance, has a stronger concentration and shows a more private and bold side of men. In my opinion, whether it is the name or the temperament, what this perfume wants to embody is a sense of mystery, a kind of incomplete charm retention, and Tom Ford also implicitly embodies it through scenes, plots, and creativity in the film.

Bitter Peach Ad
Bitter Peach Ad

Bitter Peach: The bitter peach perfume, the interweaving of juicy and sweet peaches, and the body make the desire hidden under the innocent appearance ready to come out.

Costa Azzurra Ad
Costa Azzurra Ad

There was also the previous Costa Azzurra perfume. In order to reflect the wet vibe, Tom Ford made the film very "wet".

In fact, comparing Tom Ford's lipstick or high-heeled shoe ads, we can also see the imaginative space it brings to consumers, which is addictive and makes people have the urge to pay.

3. Brand loyalty is valuable.

For those customers who like Tom Ford makeup, shoes, bags, and clothing, if they need to buy perfume, is it more convenient and more habitual to choose Tom Ford? This is similar to how we are used to shopping on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. We use these platforms to buy clothes, and we are used to searching these platforms for baby strollers. After all, we know that they have this category or business.

4. The quality itself is superior, focusing on salon fragrance.

It is true that not every perfume by Tom Ford is well received, but there are several series of materials under its brand that use better materials, such as ebony, rose, musk, etc. The quality supports the high price. Coupled with the strong European elegance and style prepared by the creator, many consumers are fascinated.

The materials are expensive, the output is small, the price is high, and there is a strong creative style, which can also be called salon perfume. For example, Tom Ford's Private Blend collection, known as the "personal perfume laboratory". The designer has reflected all his thoughts and imagination on fragrances in this series. It is at the core of this series to blend unique fragrances without being restricted by the mainstream.

Private Blend Collection
Private Blend Collection

Private Blend perfume series breaks the restriction of gender on perfume; there is no distinction between male perfume and female perfume; men and women are equally suitable. The black truffle mixed with the first perfume Black orchid undoubtedly raised the gold content of this perfume.

5. Price is directly proportional to demand.

The brand has been tested in the market for so many years, and the price of perfume has been in a dynamic equilibrium. The price of popular and hot products will naturally rise slowly, or, as the Noir Extreme Parfum mentioned above is an enhanced version of the original Noir Extreme fragrance, product evolution strengthens the probability of consumers paying. If the price is high but the perfume cannot open the market, then the price can only be reduced for promotion. At present, the pricing of most of Tom Ford's perfumes has met the double expectations of the brand and the market.

Noir Extreme Parfum
Noir Extreme Parfum

6. The short duration of the perfume line is a possible reason, but not the main reason.

In 2006, Tom Ford launched the first perfume, Black Orchid, which is mysterious, sexy, and graceful, but also a little decadent and dark. The mysterious black orchid is mixed with precious black truffle, and there is a hint of bitterness from dark chocolate in the sweetness. As the brand's first perfume, Night Orchid has a very strong brand gene.

Black Orchid
Black Orchid

Other brands, such as the famous Chanel N°5, were born in 1921 and have a history of more than 100 years; Miss Dior was born in 1947; the earliest Armani perfume was launched in 1982; Bulgari's first perfume was launched in 1992.

It may exist that the time to make perfume is not long and the sales volume is not too high, which leads to the inability to mass-produce and drives up the cost, so the price must be high in order not to lose money. So you can see that many well-known perfumes are cheap. It's not that they are bad, but that their mass production costs are low.

Tom Ford's rapid popularity, becoming a high-end brand, design, product line, quality, connotation, market grasp, and marketing methods are all indispensable. It may create even better products in the future; let us wait and see!

You can also leave a message to talk about which Tom Ford products you have bought and how you feel about using them. Everyone is welcome to share.


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