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 Charity Love Program

Are you a nonprofit organization looking for donations?

Are you a person who loves charity work and wants to donate to NPOS?

We now have an excellent chance to contribute our strength with you to public welfare - Charity Love Program. WEAR & I cooperates with non-profit organizations to make stylish women's clothing with environmentally friendly fabrics and give back to the society and consumers.

​Specific procedure:

Non-profit organizations can contact us to obtain an exclusive code and place the code information and our special product page on your website. (This code can give free shipping to your website visitors; there is no amount limit.

  • For non-profit organizations, 20% of each exclusive code order will be sent to the organization's account via PayPal as a donation. (Please note ⚠️: each order will have a 20-day protection period after the buyer receives the goods. After the protection period, we donate to you a minimum of $8 per order)

  • For customers, generally purchase should be $120 or more with free shipping. Now use the exclusive code of non-profit organizations participating in our program to get free shipping in any amount and in any region. And at the same time, get 1 point for every $1 spent (60 points=free shipping over $60; see the rewards page for details).

I hope we can contribute to public welfare together.

​Click here for the exclusive product page of participating program.

Click here for shipping and return policies.

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