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April 26th Denim Day, Be a Liberal Denim Girl

Aaliyah Ish

Apr 26, 2023

We who dress in jeans or denim are exercising clothing freedom, not acquiescing to rape or sexual violence.

April 26 is the last Wednesday in April, also known as Denim Day. An 18-year-old girl in skinny jeans was raped by a driving instructor in 1992. Due to the skin-tight nature of the jeans, the victim was accused of participating in the rape in 1998. Rape cannot be done without the participation of the victim. And in 2008, Italy's Supreme Court overturned their findings, and there was no longer a "jeans" defense to rape charges.

We who dress in jeans or denim are exercising clothing freedom, not acquiescing to rape or sexual violence. Since 1999, this has been the 25th Denim Day. Women's choice of denim is only a kind of dress and should not be a symbol of suggestive meaning.

Are denim clothes heavily involved in your daily life? Check out all the denim looks our fashion icons are wearing. As well as providing inspiration for us, it is very worth studying.

In fact, the most common one is pure blue denim clothing, which is like its label. Whether it's Madonna during the video shoot for her single 'Ray of Light" in 1998, Rihanna's Manhattan street shoot in 2016, or Dua Lipa in New York in 2022, denim looks are like ageless legends.

Denim Look

Denim Look

You can't go wrong with a simple denim top and pants. Wear a white T-shirt or tube top inside, which is both sexy and fashionable.
Denim Look

Denim Look
Although denim dresses are not as soft as chiffon or silk skirts, they are full of sass.

Denim Look
There are also corsets and bras that fashionistas love to wear, which are versatile items that are very suitable for outerwear.

Denim Look

As an indispensable fabric in ready-made garments, denim is not as soft as wool or knitting, nor is it as stiff as leather. Denim has its own unique attributes. Black denim, white denim, blue denim, or other colors, through whitening, distressing, or other unique craftsmanship and tailoring, eventually become the most beautiful scenery on our body.

You're welcome to leave a message to talk about your views on denim!

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