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Fulang Group/Lanvin Appoints President of the Americas

Kylie Jones

Jun 9, 2023

Gerrit Ruetzel will be Lanvin's president of the Americas.

Lanvin, part of the global luxury fashion conglomerate Lanvin Group, has appointed Gerrit Ruetzel as its newly created President of the Americas.

In this role, Gerrit Ruetzel will be responsible for expanding the brand's retail productivity and network, strengthening the digital commerce and product strategy in the US market, reporting to Siddhartha Shukla, deputy general manager of the brand.

Gerrit Ruetzel joined Lanvin a year and a half ago and previously served as CEO of Bottega Veneta Americas, President and CEO of Hugo Boss Fashions, CEO and President of Hugo Boss Hong Kong, General Manager of Hugo Boss Latin America, International Sales Director, and other positions.

After joining Lanvin, Gerrit Ruetzel stated that the first year's responsibilities included driving the professionalization of the organization and making it more disciplined. Today's focus is on redesigning product strategy and marketing, expanding e-commerce, and accelerating digitalization so that the brand has more competitive advantages. Strengthening the US team is an important part of this.

Siddhartha Shukla affirmed Gerrit Ruetzel's ability and said that the executive can help the brand develop and reshape its image. According to him, the brand will vigorously expand e-commerce channels and improve the efficiency of current stores, and plans for new stores are also under preparation. In addition to positioning itself as a "luxury lifestyle brand", Lanvin will further promote the diversification of products across categories in the future.

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