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Nike RTFKT and Takashi Murakami's Air Force 1 Forge Event Started on April 24

Cecilia Bel

Apr 23, 2023

People who love NIKE and NFT: action!

Nike started the Forge Event of the Air Force 1 today, with a total of ten models. Among them are not only the Our Force 1 collection but also two NFTs in cooperation with Takashi Murakami. Each is available in limited quantities. Aside from their colorway, each pair is built on the same foundation, with a slight twist from the familiar Bruce Kilgore-designed sneakers. Although its bottom still inherits the classic style, the internal logo is RTFKT instead of Swoosh.

Last year, Nike and the virtual fashion platform RTFKT launched a cooperation collection around the Air Force 1 shoe model, including Murakami Takashi's first three-party joint sneaker that I met with you today.

Although they were only launched as NFT virtual collections when they were first released, they still attracted widespread attention among most players who did not know about NFT.

NIKE RTFKT Murakami Drip

Murakami Drip


Murakami DNA

The NFTs of Murakami Drip and Murakami DNA sneakers, which are in cooperation with Takashi Murakami, are limited to a total of 4,349 pairs, and consumers of these eligible digital collections will also receive physical sneakers with strong design traces of Takashi Murakami.

Both styles feature the standard Air Force 1 midsole with RTFKT stud tabs and special Nike RTFKT logos that are bound to be "rare styles" in the sneaker market as well. Among the two limited edition digital sneakers, Murakami Drip is priced at 0.51 ETH ($963.50), while Murakami DNA is worth 4.99 ETH ($9,427.16).

Nike caused a lot of waves through its virtual cooperation with Takashi Murakami last year. It is estimated that the Forge Event from April 24th to May 8th will bring another carnival!

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