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Santoni Shoes Is Very Optimistic About This Year's Turnover

Evan Kris

Jun 25, 2023

Italian luxury shoe brand Santoni's turnover is expected to exceed 100 million euros this year.

Recently, the Italian luxury shoe brand Santoni appeared at the 104th Pitti Uomo Florence men's clothing exhibition, bringing the 24 summer series, which interpreted the Italian style through colorful printing and ocean-style accessories.

Guiseppe Santoni, executive chairman of the Santoni board of directors, said in an interview with overseas media: "Creativity and new products are natural to us, but it is very important to have an organizational structure. We are growing and I want to strengthen management." Therefore, at the beginning of the month, Santoni hired Eraldo Poletto, who is experienced in the US market and footwear field, as the new CEO to help the brand further expand in the international market.


In the 2022 fiscal year, Santoni's turnover is 98.8 million euros, which is expected to grow by 20% in 2023. Overseas markets and e-commerce channels are the two major growth drivers of Santoni, accounting for 85% and 10% of Santoni's turnover in the past year, respectively. It is expected that this year, e-commerce channels will account for 12% of revenue. In addition, as far as categories are concerned, sports shoes have accounted for 50% of revenue, and the growth prospects are huge.

Guiseppe Santoni said frankly, "After 2022, this year has started quite smoothly. This is an extraordinary year for us. In terms of business development, we have done a lot of work in retail and plan to open multiple stores. "

“We will soon open two stores in Tokyo and Dubai, and one in Kuwait. The US and Eastern Europe (Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria) are also targets. But we will focus on China, the economy that is going through the epidemic. After a slowdown, the Chinese market has recovered."

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