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Valentino Signs New Agreement with Italian Trade Unions

Kylie Jones

Jun 5, 2023

Valentino signs new agreement with Italian trade unions to further improve employee rewards and benefits.

A few days ago, Italian luxury brand Valentino signed a new agreement valid from 2023 to 2025 with trade union organizations Filctem, Femca and Uiltec at its Rome headquarters. This agreement is a supplement to the previously agreed regulatory and economic terms, and is optimized for employee performance rewards, benefits and other terms.

*Note: Previously, in September 2022, Valentino had signed an agreement involving about 2,000 employees, aiming to improve some employee benefits and better achieve the work-life balance of employees. The agreement stipulates that all employees enjoy 100% salary in the first month of maternity leave or parental leave; the company will distribute year-end bonus (14th month benefit) to all employees; employees can work remotely 10 days a month. At the time, the agreement was hailed by trade unions as an important step in the development of labor relations in the fashion industry.


Among them, the three improved clauses in the new agreement include:

During the first month of the employee's voluntary parental leave (paternity leave), Valentino will pay 100% of the actual salary instead of the 80% required by law, and in the second month of parental leave, the employee will receive 80% remuneration (30% payable by law);

Taking into account the medical examination and travel time to and from (work position), Valentino extended the original 16-hour leave for off-duty medical examination;

For overnight travel for fashion or fashion show events, Valentino will grant an additional daily allowance of 60 euros;


The union issued a statement saying, "The new agreement not only consolidates the attention to the needs of male and female employees, but also makes a significant response to the salary plan, effectively containing the (economic) impact on life. The agreement proved to be innovative and aimed at safeguarding the well-being of workers and the purchasing power of their wages within a framework of collaborative industrial relations."

At the same time, the union added, "this agreement demonstrates how the group agreement can bring great benefits to the negotiation of modernization issues in the state sector, including topics such as personal care, gender-neutral household management, remuneration, and looks forward to the future of the Italian central economic sector and the drive for 'Made in Italy'".

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