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WEAR & I Fashion Pioneer Scholarship 2023-2024

WEAR & I is passionate about fashion and would like to help you pay part of your tuition fees or provide financial support in fashion! Both high school and college students can apply, and we aim to find candidates who have their own unique insights into fashion and outfits.


We have set up scholarships with a total amount of 3000 US dollars (1500, 1000, and 500 each). We will pay directly to your personal account.


Beauty, regardless of gender, race, body shape, or whether you are rich or poor, we hope you can share your fashion stories to impress every beauty lover❤️. 


Application Requirements:

1. You need to post your unique fashion stories in video format (please use English) on YouTube or TikTok. The video should not be less than 2 minutes.

2. Follow us on Twitter, share the video link (@wear_iofficial), and add the hashtag #wearandifashionpioneer.

3. Follow us on Instagram, share the video link (@wearandiofficial), and add the hashtag #wearandifashionpioneer.

4. You need to have a qualified school admission certificate which is located in the U.S., Canada, UK, Italy, France, or Australia. (There's no limitation on your nationality. Welcome to apply.)

5. You are currently studying in high school or university, regardless of academic qualifications.

6. You need to submit your application before May 1, 2024, Pacific time.

7. You must submit the application in accordance with our requirements.



Or you can email us. Submission format:

1. First name:

2. Last name:

3. School Name:

4. Grade:

5. Video link: YouTube/TikTok/YouTube+TikTok

6. Ins link:

7. Twitter link:

*In order to avoid format problems in online submission, please send the application to in the following format (email subject: Scholarship Submission From “Your Name”)


Award notice:

The winners will be judged on the sum of video performance data, and there will be unexpected encouragement awards as a commemoration.

Winners will be notified by email before May 5, 2024, Pacific time, after the deadline. And winners must reply within 7 business days; otherwise, they will be deemed to have given up, and the prize will be deferred to the next person.

The bonus will be issued within 3 working days after the winner provides relevant files for confirmation. Please ensure that the receiving account is valid. Winners will be updated on the website page within 2 working days after the prizes are distributed, and you can check the page at that time.

Please email us if you have any questions. is also available.

Good luck to you all!

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