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5-Star Fashion Black Frame Sunglasses

The sunshine is getting warmer, in order to protect our eyes from ultraviolet rays when going out. You can use not only sun umbrellas, hats with large brims, but also sunglasses. Black frame sunglasses 🕶️ are understated and classic. Here are some black frame sunglasses I have carefully selected for you, including semi-circular frames, pilot frames, square frames, cat eye sockets and so on.

VERSACE   Regular - High Bridge Fit

The black-frame glasses represented by VERSACE are usually designed with gold elements on the temples. The combination of black and gold is classic, full of luxury, and you can’t go wrong.


BURBERRY Wide - Adjustable Nosepads

Burberry's glasses have a wide lens area and can be adjusted up and down. The style is motorcycle-style, and there is a feeling of a female agent when you wear it.

VERSACE   Regular - High Bridge Fit

EMPORIO ARMANI Women's Sunglasses, EA418755-X

RALPH LAUREN Ralph Sunglasses, RA5150

Ralph Lauren sunglasses are very fashionable at first sight, and girls wear them pretty like modern girls. The lenses are not black, but brown, and the overall focus is more on the sense of accessories.

VERSACE Women's Sunglasses, VE443454-X

VERSACE Women's Sunglasses, VE4433U54-X


JIMMY CHOO Elenigs 53mm Square Sunglasses

MCM 57mm Butterfly Sunglasses

GUCCI 56mm Aviator Sunglasses

Gucci's black-frame sunglasses adopt a style similar to aviator glasses, and the lenses and part of the temples are expressed in dark green. The temples are basically equipped with GUCCI's logo.

Julietta Cat Eye Sunglasses

Which one do you like after seeing these? You can share and leave a comment!

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