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How Do You Choose Sunglasses That Suit You? Tom Ford Sunglasses Selection Criteria

Purchasing sunglasses is still a science. In fact, it is not about UV protection; it is all about looking good. It is said that wearing sunglasses (or doing anything) to be handsome is nothing more than meeting the following two criteria: one is that it suits you, and the other is that you are confident and complacent.

The first point is nothing to discuss, and the second point is the balance between appearance and comfort of sunglasses. Just like dressing up, no matter how cool the item is, if it doesn't suit you, it's useless. In addition, if you are uncomfortable or in the wrong place, your physiology will affect your physiology, your thoughts will affect your physiology, and your limbs will feel uncomfortable. This is why people tend to look better in simple clothes because they are comfortable, and others are comfortable when they look at you too.

Back to the purchase of sunglasses, I not only referred to various articles on the Internet that started with hair shapes but also read interesting articles such as looking at sunglasses and guessing characters, providing readers with the matching of classic characters and sunglasses. Deepen your understanding of the relationship between sunglasses contours and eyebrow shape.

To choose a pair of sunglasses that suits you, the direct and practical way to do so is to check out the classic styles of several classic brands and then go directly to the store to try them on. This is actually fast and convenient and has a high success rate. So tomorrow we will take a different approach to getting to know these four brands sunglasses. They are not actually the most well-known, but they definitely have the same fashion style. I believe that even if you don’t fall in love with them after reading them, you will at least learn more about sunglasses.

1. Tom Ford Sunglasses

Probably the first two words that come to everyone’s mind when they hear aviator glasses are: pretend to be cool; oh no, it’s Ray-Ban. It can be done with short hair, a long face, or a pointed nose. Pilots are very handsome. But I know Ray-Ban is really good. If you want to wear with other brands, I highly recommend this pilot style of Tom Ford sunglasses.

Tom Ford sunglasses

Tom Ford has always been a designer with a strong business acumen. His accessories series, such as glasses, lipsticks, and perfumes, are all very successful, but no matter what, TF’s pilot series is indeed really so handsome! It's a high-quality product for what it is priced for. Needless to say, textures can be square or round and come in a variety of colors. It's really versatile, like the original aviator-style sunglasses, but without being too fancy.

2. Moscot Sunglasses

This old New York family brand, with more than 100 years of history, is full of American retro style. It is fond of plate frames and has a very fashionable appearance. The LEMTOSH series, which combines the advantages of vintage, has Moscot's famous diamond-shaped rivet decoration on the temples, keyhole nose bridge design, and the detailed design of five-claw hinges at the joints. It is an unbeatable retro New York trend. a symbol of culture.

Moscot sunglasses

3. Janis Sunglasses

The well-known thin steel series is not only comfortable enough to make you look like you are not wearing sunglasses at all, but its minimalist and tough waistline is its unique symbol. However, unless you are very confident that you have a face with glasses, it is recommended to try on round-frame sunglasses first. Although not only the head shape but also the shape is black, it does require intellectual support.

Janis sunglasses

4. Warby Parker Sunglasses

Household name Warby Parker will no longer discuss the story of how the budget sunglasses brand created a new business model, all the way to the scale of tomorrow. This narrow square style looks ordinary at first glance, but as long as you are the right one, you will find another beautiful world when you wear a flat frame.

Warby Parker sunglasses

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