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British Designer Mary Quant, Fashion Pioneer Of The 60s, Died 13 April 2023

Aaliyah Ish

Apr 12, 2023

The famous British designer Mary Quant, with bold and innovative style, invented colorful tights. She died today at the age of 93.

Mary Quant, born on February 11, 1930, is a famous British fashion designer and leader. She is an important figure in the youth fashion movement, represented by the design of miniskirts and tights. April 13, 2023 her family has confirmed that the fashion designer has left us.

Mary Quant's parents are teachers in a London school. When she was in high school, it was clear that she wanted to study fashion in college. She bravely broke through her parents' opposition and studied illustration and art education at Goldsmiths College. She graduated with a degree in 1953. Her career began at an upscale Mayfair millinery in Brook Street next to the Claridge's.

Mary Quant's design style is very personal, advocating bold and unique attempts, and has gained fame in famous fashion media such as Harper's Bazaar. Later, he boldly created a personal design studio and made productions, creating a dynamic and fashionable atmosphere from the 1950s to the 1960s, and attracted young people's pursuit. In 1966, ten brands including Quant and Yves Saint Laurent were named "fashion revolutionaries" in New York by Women's Wear Daily.

Mary's designs are most famous for colorful leggings and Quant miniskirts, which have made great contributions to the liberation of women's legs.

Wear & I-Mary Quant

Since the 1950s, skirts have become shorter and shorter. Although the short skirt was not originally proposed by her, she likes this design, making it the length they want for customers, and customers can wear them to move freely. She also named the dress after her favorite BMC Mini car.

Wear & I-Mary Quant Tights

In the early 1960s, Mary and Nylon Hosiery Company collaborated to innovate women's tights, which were no longer clumsy with metal clips fixed on a separate suspender, bright mustard yellow, plum, ginger and black one-piece length tights, perfectly paired with her knee-length skirts and dresses, allow the woman to dance, run and move. Otherwise, women may still need to wear longer skirts to cover the clumsy metal clips in the next few decades.

Mary Quant seems to have a personalized short hair style most of the time, just as she decisively controls her life. Resolutely studying fashion majors and engaging in fashion work, whether it is starting a business alone or changing women's clothing style, Mary has made the path she chose blossom and made achievements, and now she has left a perfect ending.

Let us send our most sincere condolences.

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