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Burberry X Highgrove Gardens Silk Scarf

Aaliyah Ish

Apr 29, 2023

Luxury brand Burberry once again released joint models.

Recently, the famous luxury brand Burberry and Highgrove Gardens jointly launched the Highgrove print silk scarf.

According to the official website, this is a limited edition masterpiece, with the Highgrove Gardens in the private residence of His Majesty King Charles III as an excellent inspiration. From the looks of it, this scarf exudes a fresh vibe.

Crafted from the finest silk, the Highgrove X Burberry Scarf features intricate detailing and hand-rolled edges to add a luxurious touch to any ensemble.  The unique design of this scarf is a tribute to the interconnected garden, featuring wildflowers such as delphiniums, yellow rattlesnakes, snowdrops, oxeye daisies, early purple orchids and fritillaria alongside trees, birds and dragonflies grow.

This cooperation demonstrates the original intention of Burberry and Highgrove to protect the environment, respect nature and make high-quality products. The overall design is full of natural beauty, which is different from the prominent logo on Burberry scarves in the past.

This co-branded scarf is already on sale at Burberry and Highgrove stores and online stores around the world, about $490. If you love nature, this single product allows you to wear nature and fashion on your body. The natural green makes you feel the history and culture of this exquisite garden.

It is reported that Burberry has also cooperated with famous brands such as Supreme before. In March last year, the joint name of Burberry and the streetwear brand Supreme caused a fierce sensation in the industry, and consumers queued up in front of the store to buy it, which was commendable.

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