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Chloé's Creative Director Leaves in September This Year

Aaliyah Ish

Jun 29, 2023

Chloé creative director will change in September this year.

Gabriela Hearst, the creative director of Richemont's French fashion house Chloé, is likely to leave in September. At present, Chloé has hired Chemena Kamali to take charge of the next series, ensuring a smooth transition while maintaining the continuity of the brand's design.

Chemena Kamali

Chemena Kamali

Kamali, the former womenswear director at Saint Laurent, will temporarily lead a parallel team at Chloé, which has already started. However, the brand has not disclosed whether Kamali's employment is as an external consultant or a long-term contract.

Chloé CEO Riccardo Bellini said no final decision had been made on Hearst, but he acknowledged the existence of parallel studios. The reason may lie in the brand's key bag business, where sales of bags priced above $2,000 have grown, although sales of logo-branded handbags, rubber rain boots, and knitted sneakers have all grown thanks to Gabriela Hearst's leadership. Bags have softened as Hearst's quest for higher levels of sustainability has raised prices and driven customers away.


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