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Converse and DRKSHDW Team up for a New TURBODRK Collection

Aaliyah Ish

May 14, 2023

The new TURBODRK Chuck 70 shoes are selling, and there are also limited tote bags and fisherman hats to match.

Converse and DRKSHDW team up for a new TURBODRK collection, which continues the reshaping and reengineering design concept that the two parties have been implementing in the previous cooperation.

Different from the previous wearing experience, the product is also equipped with shoelace accessories to meet the styling needs of consumers for regular wear.

In 2021, Converse and DRKSHDW launched the TURBODRK Chuck 70 shoes for the first time. Through the innovative design of twisting and reshaping the classic canvas shoes, it continues Rick Owens' consistent unconventional practice of classic cultural symbols.


This Converse x DRKSHDW joint series for the first time used Converse's Max Grind process on the outsole of the shoe, applying 40% recycled materials to the outsole production. While echoing the iconic rubber toe cap and heel label, the grainy speckled texture of the sole has another aesthetic charm.


The new TURBODRK Chuck 70 shoes have two colors: bright pink and taupe. In addition, the cooperation series also brings products such as limited tote bags and fisherman hats, bringing more matching inspiration to consumers.

Converse hat and Tote bag

The new DRKSHDW x Converse collaboration series will be officially released today, and the price is set at $177.

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