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Dior "Spa Cruise" On the Seine River

Evan Kris

Jul 6, 2023

DIOR launches the "Spa Cruise" Experience on the Seine River in Paris.

To celebrate Paris Haute Couture Week in July, French luxury house Dior is launching a unique Dior Spa Cruise experience inspired by the 19th-century floating baths of the Bains de la Samaritaine on the Seine.

From July 3rd to July 14th, guests will have the opportunity to board a custom-made yacht named Excellence, set sail on the banks of the Seine, and sail to Port Henri IV, enjoying a journey of body and mind spa healing.

Dior "Spa Cruise"

Dior Spa Cruises will provide two experience cruises: the Treatment Cruise and the Wellness Cruise, both of which are 2 hours in length and include one hour of targeted healing services and one hour of leisure and entertainment activities.

Treatment Cruise is priced at 680 euros, including four body massages and three facial treatments for guests to choose from according to their needs. The whole process follows the guidelines of "effectiveness" and "luxury" and ensures a personalized experience.

Wellness Cruise is carried out by experienced experts and includes health activities such as Pilates, detox flow, HIIT, and flow yoga, priced at 280 euros. Guests looking for a holistic retreat can combine therapy and wellness programs for a four-hour journey of supreme relaxation.

Dior "Spa Cruise"

The Excellence luxury cruise ship will continue to use Dior's iconic Toile de Jouy print, mainly in blue and beige, complemented by the classic Dior canework embossing, creating an excellent space for relaxation and recharge. The cruise ship has four elegant single treatment cabins and a luxurious double cabin with a lounge, and it is equipped with Dior's selected skin care and fragrance series.

The upper deck of the cruise ship covers an area of nearly 120 square meters. It has an outdoor sports area, a juice bar, and a swimming pool for the first time. Guests can cool off in the pool while admiring landmarks such as Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower. There are also loungers for sunbathing and parasols for shade.

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