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FC Bayern Munich 23/24 Home Jersey Red and White Classic Reappearance

Kylie Jones

May 18, 2023

The home jerseys for the 23/24 season of FC Bayern Munich are selling.

The home jerseys for the 23/24 season of Adidas and FC Bayern Munich have been released recently. Adidas has supplied FC Bayern Munich's stadium jerseys for many years, both at home and away.

As a partner who has been running very well from 1965, Adidas' design concept uses the classic red and white color scheme to reinterpret the iconic color representing the identity of the FC Bayern Munich club - the iconic color worn by the club in the first season of the Bundesliga.

The new home jersey uses white as the base, while the collar, shoulders, sleeves, and the strips on both sides of the body are red. The color matching pays tribute to the home jersey worn by the players when the club was promoted to the Bundesliga in 1965. The words "Rot & Weiß ein Leben lang" are printed inside the collar, which roughly means "red and white in life". It can also be regarded as the "standard" that the club's home jersey must use red and white. There is still the motto "Mia san mia" on the back collar of the jersey. In addition, FC Bayern will use a new style of player printing in the new game.

Men's and women's jerseys are only different in the letters on the chest, and there is not much difference in the rest.

The jersey includes a player version and a fan version. The player version is equipped with HEAT.RDY technology and has matching fabrics and textures to achieve a cool body feeling; the fan version jersey is equipped with AEROREADY technology, which brings dryness through moisture-wicking fabrics.

Compared with the home jersey of the 22/23 season, this year uses a large area of white and raised touch fabrics, while last year it was a red background with white stripes.

The Bayern senior team wore the home jersey in the match against RB Leipzig at the Allianz Arena on May 20. The new jersey has been sold at the club's official store, online store, Adidas official channels, and dealers since its release.

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