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Italian Luxury Shoe Brand René Caovilla, Worn by Rihanna and Kim Kardashian, Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary

Iran Kenna

May 5, 2023

As it celebrates its 50th anniversary, Italian luxury footwear brand René Caovilla has achieved "extraordinary" results.

Italy can be regarded as a country of origin for luxury goods, not only Prada, Fendi, Gucci, Versace, Valentino, MIU MIU, Furla, Ferragamo, etc., but also the high-end brand René Caovilla, whose history is second only to Ferragamo's Italian luxury shoe brand.

As it celebrates its 50th anniversary, Italian luxury footwear brand René Caovilla has achieved "extraordinary" results. In 2022, brand turnover will increase by 45% compared with 2021 and by 54% compared with 2019 before the epidemic. Among them, overseas markets contributed 65% of sales, with the United States, China, and Asian markets as the main forces. At the same time, the e-commerce channel has performed well, with sales in 2022 increasing by 30% year-on-year.

René Caovilla is a haute couture footwear brand. The so-called haute couture definition refers to the long production cycle, all handmade, and never affordable... Maybe you are not familiar with this brand because it has never thought about popularizing it. After all, it has been positioned as high-end since its birth, focusing on dinner shoes. It mainly serves the upper class and accompanies celebrities to appear in various red carpet events.

Kim Kardashian also wore it on her 40th birthday.

Kim Kardashian also wore René Caovilla on her 40th birthday.

Rihanna wore it to an event.

Snake has always been one of the inspirations that brands like, from Cartier to Bvlgari, use in their snake-themed designs. René Caovilla put the snake on the ankle, considered one of the sexiest parts of a woman.

In addition, Rene Caovilla is also good at using clean lines and soft colors to present Swarovski crystals, pearls, lace, light-colored gemstones, and other elements on shoes with diamond powder on the soles. The elegant, luxurious, and romantic temperament is undoubtedly revealed, making each pair of René Caovilla's shoes seem like a work of art.

As early as 1975, René Caovilla developed the snake-shaped wrap-around sandal Snake Sandal, which became an instant hit. This shoe later became their most famous classic and was collected by many museums.

René Caovilla said "Today's consumers prefer classic brands, and the new generation prefers timeless products and designs. We have always insisted on uniqueness, which has provided great support for us to achieve today's extraordinary achievements. Recently, the customer group aged 17 to 27 has shown explosive growth."

So far, the brand has 20 stores, of which 7 are directly operated and the other 13 are franchised. In the coming months, the brand plans to open stores in Printemps in Doha and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

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