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Kate Middleton's Indissoluble Bond with Alexander Mcqueen

Cecilia Bel

May 6, 2023

Kate Middleton and Princess Charlotte wore Alexander McQueen wreaths at the coronation of King Charles III.

Speaking of Alexander McQueen, as a famous British fashion luxury brand founded by the same name ghost designer Alexander McQueen, it plays a pivotal role in the fashion circle. The coronation ceremony of King Charles III we witnessed today also saw the reappearance of this brand. In fact, Alexander McQueen has a deep and indissoluble bond with the British royal family.

He was born into an ordinary family in England. His father was a taxi driver in London, and he hoped that, like all children from lower-class families, he would have a skill and be able to support himself when he grew up, such as becoming a plumber. It was his mother, Joyce, who discovered his talent in fashion design and supported him to enter the industry against all odds. He left school at the age of 16 to work as an apprentice at Anderson & Sheppard on Tailor Street. This shop has a supply license from the British royal family and is almost the most prestigious top tailor shop in the world. Clients served include Prince Charles.

As early as 2011, at the wedding of the Duchess of Cambridge Kate and Prince William, Kate wore a beige lace wedding dress designed by Alexander McQueen brand designer Sarah Burton, with a handmade veil covering her face and a veil on her head. Wearing a crown on loan from the Queen. Even Karl Lagerfeld, a famous German fashion designer, believes that "this wedding dress is extremely exquisite, even more exquisite than that worn by Diana (in 1981)". Sarah Burton also designed the dress for the bridesmaid, Kate's 26-year-old sister. Simple and elegant, this dress features the same button details and lace trim as the bride's wedding dress.

When Princess Charlotte was baptized in 2015, the Duchess of Cambridge Kate appeared in front of the public in a milky white coat by Alexander McQueen. Elegant, dignified, traditional and modern style coexist.

Today at the coronation of King Charles III, our Duchess Kate and lovely Princess Charlotte wore Alexander McQueen flower crowns. Both Kate and Charlotte wore embroidered white dresses, while Kate added a dark blue and red cape with medals.

In addition to the royal family's preference, Alexander McQueen has also been worn by Beyoncé, Nicole Kidman, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. It is loved by those who pursue wild, maverick, dark, and gothic styles.

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