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LVMH Helps Sugar Beet Crop Production

Cecilia Bel

Jul 8, 2023

LVMH finances the agro-ecological transformation of 380 hectares of sugar beet crops.

Fragrance lines: Christian Dior Parfums, Givenchy Parfums, and Kenzo Parfums, LVMH's three beauty brands, are partnering with Cristal Union, a French agricultural cooperative of more than 9,000 beet growers, to improve the growing conditions of the beetroot used to extract the alcohol needed for perfume making. It is reported that the organic alcohol used in the raw materials of these brand perfumes comes from beetroot alcohol extracted from beetroot.

Four years ago, LVMH-owned Guerlain switched to organic beetroot alcohol for its Aqua Allegoria line of fragrances.

It is reported that the cooperation between LVMH Group and Cristal Union has lasted for five years. At present, the group has funded research and development projects on five farms to test new agronomic practices. And this year, Christian Dior Parfums, Givenchy Parfums, and Kenzo Parfums will fund Cristal Union's agro-ecological transformation of 380 hectares of sugar beet crops in eastern France, which will meet 45% of the brand's organic beet alcohol needs.

In this collaboration, the three luxury perfume houses will also cooperate with Genesis. Genesis was previously favored by La Maison des Startups LVMH, the home of LVMH startups, for its invention of a tool for measuring soil health and quality, which won an award at the French technology conference VivaTech.

Hélène Valade, Director of Environmental Development at LVMH Group, said, "This collaboration is an important milestone in the Life 360 project's plan to 'restore 5 million hectares of ecosystems'. The introduction of new virtuous production models in the industry is a key step in realizing our commitment."

Life 360 is a new environmental protection strategy announced by LVMH Group in April 2021. According to the strategic plan, by 2030, all new products of LVMH's brands will adopt ecological design and minimize the impact of material extraction and transformation on the environment. LIFE 360 provides an environmental framework for each LVMH Maison, and all LVMH Maisons will contribute to the achievement of these goals through specific action plans.

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