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Miu Miu Releases a New Handbag Arcadie Campaign with Gigi Hadid

Kylie Jones

Jun 2, 2023

Miu Miu presents a new handbag Arcadie, and Gigi Hadid is in the ad campaign.

Through a series of images exploring contemporary realities and surreal private plots, shot by Steven Meisel and performed by Gigi Hadid, Miu Miu presents two handbags in iconic Matelassé leather: the classic Wander and the new Arcadie.

Since ancient Greece, the word "arcadie" has been endowed with mythological color. It is an ideal paradise, a blissful world integrated with nature, leisurely and comfortable, and fascinating.

Meisel drew inspiration from the real life and spiritual world of American artist Margaret Keane, reproduced the artist's identifiable aesthetic conception, and then reshaped the personal characteristics of the Miu Miu heroine, creating a strange atmosphere for the images of Gigi and Miu Miu accessories. Similarly, Keane's tenacious personality, freedom, and legend all fit in with Miu Miu's undeniable distinctive style, expressed to the extreme through Gigi's posture, mood, and emotion. Everyday can be different; the ordinary can be extraordinary.

The rich nature of ideal spaces, evoking the brushstrokes and realism of paintings, echoes the intricate texture of Miu Miu's signature Matelassé leather. This iconic Miu Miu material combines modern lightness and traditional leather craftsmanship to add texture and depth to both bags.

A series of stylized yet intimate and intuitive portraits juxtaposed with striking still lifes. Gigi is in the middle, staring at the viewer with wide eyes, playing the roles of the real self and the other. Just this simple look invites people to step into a wonderful world: half fantasy, half reality, but fully revealing Miu Miu's true colors.

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