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NIKE And COMME DES GARÇONS Collaborate New Series

Cecilia Bel

Apr 3, 2023

A tribute spanning 38 years from COMME DES GARÇONS and NIKE.

Recently, I was attracted by advertisements on INS, which had elephants and NIKE shoes as the main content. This shoe is the Terminator High series jointly designed by NIKE and Japanese designer Kawakubo Rei's COMME DES GARÇONS in 2023. 

The promotional video for the series was produced by House + Holme creative directors Ronnie Cooke Newhouse and Karl Bolander. The cute and energetic elephant injects innovative and lively elements into this classic vintage shoe, paying tribute to Nike's first signature basketball sneaker in 1985.

The high-quality leather and smooth lines won't take your eyes off these high-tops. Based on the classic design of NIKE, this shoe has added CDG and NIKE capital letter logos on the heel. It is available in three colors: dark blue, red and black, and is available in sizes 5-13 for men and women. The retail price is set at US$235, and it will be available at retailers around the world and online from April 1st.

The joint designs of COMME DES GARÇONS and NIKE has been around for a long time. From JUNYA WATANABE in 1999 to the current Terminator High series, they have cooperated for more than 20 years. The cooperation between traditional sports brands and fashion brand is not uncommon in the fashion industry. It is an innovation and win-win for both parties!

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