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Patagonia Launches Ocean Conservation Campaign Seeking to End 'Bottom Trawling'

Evan Kris

Jun 8, 2023

On World Oceans Day, June 8, American outdoor clothing brand Patagonia launched an international environmental protection campaign aimed at supporting marine conservation and restoration efforts.

Working with NGO partners including Bloom, Blue Ventures, ClientEarth, the Environmental Justice Foundation, Oceana, and Seas At Risk, Patagonia "mobilized individuals and called on governments to end harmful bottom trawling" at the event, saying it was a fishing method that is extremely harmful to ocean health and biodiversity.

Trawling refers to fixing a huge fishing net behind the fishing boat and dragging it. All trawling methods will damage the environment, and bottom trawling is the most damaging. Bottom trawling refers to the sweeping of a large net, equipped with chains or other heavy fishing gear, across the sea floor, dragging and catching all organisms that enter the net, which will cause a large number of non-fishing target organisms to die.

To this end, Patagonia has launched relevant campaigns across Europe in the form of films, websites, petitions, and more.

Ocean View

Later on the evening of June 14, the brand will host a campaign at London's Village Underground, calling on "people to take matters into their own hands" and show "stories of how we work with the ocean, not against it." On the other hand, Patagonia is also using the form of movies to promote regenerative alternatives such as seaweed cultivation and seagrass restoration.

Beth Thoren, Director of Environmental Action and Initiatives for Patagonia Europe, Middle East, and Africa, said: "I have always felt that the ocean has always been connected to me all my life, from my early career as a naval engineer to my time as a crew member on the Sea Shepherd. Fight to whale in Antarctica. No matter where we are, every second of our breath comes from the ocean. We must protect this precious and fragile resource so the ocean can protect us."

He added, "Our European leaders have the power to make lasting positive change by banning bottom trawling and supporting the restoration of our oceans. We ask ocean defenders everywhere—surfers, swimmers, beach lovers, people walking or boating, coastal communities, and fishermen—to arm in arm and send a message that we care."

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