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TIME 100 Gala and Summit 2023 - Innovation for Tomorrow

Iran Kenna

Apr 26, 2023

Kim Kardashian took her brand SKIMS to the TIME 100 Gala and Summit 2023.

The TIME 100 Gala and Summit 2023 was held on April 25 and 26 EDT, at Jazz in Lincoln Center, New York City, with the theme of innovation for tomorrow.

The event gathered the world's most influential stars, such as Jennifer Coolidge, Kim Kardashian, Steven Spielberg, Doja Cat, Ali Wong, Salma Hayek Pinault, Nancy Pelosi, and so on.

Sam Jacobs, recently appointed editor-in-chief of TIME, said TIME's mission is to tell the important stories of the people who shape and improve the world. These are the stories in TIME Magazine's Top 100. And TIME's 100 cover stars are the world's pioneers, artists, innovators, and icons tackling the world's biggest challenges.

Grammy Award-winning artist Doja Cat and American songwriter and actress Lea Michele also performed "Woman" and "Don't Rain on My Parade" to add to the mood of the event. Doja Cat also closed out the night with her own chart-topping "Say So".

Doja Cat in a semi-sheer Valentino gown

There are many outstanding female representatives this evening. Not so long ago, Emmy-winning actress Jennifer Coolidge was both one of the 100 and the host of the evening. In her speech of wisdom, we feel how far-reaching and inclusive this event is. Different influences collide with each other in this square inch.

Jennifer wore a floor-length black gown embellished with gemstones

There is artist Doja Cat, glacier scientist Peter Davies, who has been honored for his research on Antarctic glaciers, nuclear engineer Andrea Kricher, and famous director Steven Spielberg. Because of this grand event, many people outside of the entertainment industry also felt the commotion of the paparazzi. Influential figures in different fields gathered together because of this event, which is innovation for tomorrow.

In addition, the Kim Kardashian we know told her brand story at the summit. Kim has a strong fan base, and she uses those strengths to do something very meaningful, going out of her way to help other people. Kim has also used social media to successfully spread the word about several of her brands, such as SKIMS shapewear, the private equity firm SKKY Partners, and the SKKN skincare line.

Wearing a cream see-through suit while talking to anchors at the summit

Kim wore a body-hugging pearl-colored floor-length gown with a diamond necklace in front of the photo board

The relatively prominent SKIMS brand has a very creative market force. Realizing she couldn't find the right shade of shapewear for her skin tone, Kim created shapewear products that offered a range of skin tones, filling a gap in the market. As a result, SKIMS became a $3 billion company in less than four years and was named one of the most influential companies in 2022 by TIME Magazine.

From the official website of SKIMS products. The shadow of Kim K can be seen in the design style of each piece. The product collection includes not only shapewear but also bikinis, lingerie, and loungewear. The price is also more friendly. Friends who like it can go and have a look!

Influential people bring us not only excellent and innovative insights but also a kind of focus and persistence in what they do, actively solving the problems that are happening in the world.

*Images from TIME, Getty, and SKIMS

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