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What's New About American Influencer Awards - Fashion Field?

Evan Kris

Mar 27, 2023

USA TODAY released the 2022 American Influencer Awards. So what's new about fashion outfit field?

At the beginning of this year, USA TODAY released the American Influence Awards, which included four bloggers in the field of clothing, with different styles, but all full of personal characteristics.

First up is Emerging Fashion Influencer Nicole Weisman, Instagram: @curvestocontour. She focuses on plus-size women's clothing, which combines leisure and fashion well, and is easy to wear on the street every day. Although she has a plump figure, she also has a flamboyant personality. Nicole's collocation is very natural and not difficult. Go and see if there are similar collocations in your closet?

The second place is Creative Fashion Influencer Chelsea Chelsea, TikTok: @chelseaasoflate.

Chelsea deserves to be a creative celebrity, and her curly hair is really impressive. Many tiktok video shoots are full of creativity. She loves bright, beautiful and exaggerated colors, just like her whole body is full of sunshine energy. If you like colorful collocations, you can take a look at her collocations, and you will be inspired a lot. Sometimes elegant, sometimes retro, sometimes princess, sometimes hippie.

The third is Fashion Design Influencer Juliette Porter, Instagram: @julietteporter, she has a very hot body. The blog is mostly bikini based, either on a cruise or at the beach. Swimsuit styles are very fashionable. Juliette sometimes sends some photos of herself and her friends playing, which is really enviable. She also co-founded JMP the label, a dedicated lingerie website, with a partner.

The last one to introduce is Fashion Influencer De'arra Taylor, Instagram: @dearra. De'arra's shooting style is very avant-garde and bold, which shows off her curvy figure well. She also has her own brand website Lorvae. Because of her bold fashion style, there are also photos of snakeskin single products specially invited to take pictures of pythons. I'm a little shivering to be honest.

They must have put in a lot of effort to win the American Influencer Awards, choosing the style they want to convey, actively updating social media, and sharing valuable content. If you want to learn how to dress, you can pay attention to bloggers with similar styles to your own, and through learning and imitating, you can become more beautiful step by step.

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