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WHP Global/Bonobos Announced Brand Consultants

Aaliyah Ish

Jun 21, 2023

Andy Dunn will be the Bonobos brand consultant.

American brand management company WHP Global announced that Andy Dunn, the founder of the Internet menswear brand Bonobos, has joined as a Bonobos brand consultant.

In April this year, WHP Global teamed up with American fashion clothing retailer Express, Inc. (NYSE: EXPR, hereinafter referred to as "EXPR") to acquire Bonobos from the American retail giant Walmart Inc. for a total of 75 million US dollars.

Going forward, Andy Dunn and WHP Global will be working with Express CEO Tim Baxter, Bonobos President John Hutchison, and the entire Bonobos team. Andy Dunn co-founded Bonobos in 2007 and served as the brand's founding CEO for its first decade.

Yehuda Shmidman, CEO and Chairman of WHP Global, said: "The future of the Bonobos brand is exciting with the return of Andy Dunn. He will focus on leveraging the combined platform of WHP Global and EXPR to activate the brand's potential. With his With his deep expertise and unwavering passion for the brand, he will be instrumental in leading the Bonobos brand through its next phase of growth."

Andy Dunn said, "It's been an amazing and thoughtful time to be back at Bonobos. Yehuda, Tim, and the teams at WHP Global and Express are amazing people and great brand stewards. Strong partnership with John and Bonobos Working together as a leadership team, we will do great things on behalf of the brand's current and future clients."

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