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Quiet Luxury Returns: Data from Fashion Wholesale Management Platform Joor Shows

Quiet luxury has emerged as one of this year's biggest fashion trends, and while some doubt its durability, wholesale figures show it is gaining support from retail buyers.

At the end of 2022, in the spring and summer trend report released by Net-a-Porter, quiet luxury was one of the seven keywords.

According to data released by Joor, a fashion wholesale management platform, in recent months, keywords such as "Quiet Luxury", "Stealth Wealth," and "Old Money Style" have soared in Internet searches.

Meanwhile, Joor's data "confirms the trend," notably implying "an increasing shift toward logo-free products and minimal branding."

logo-free products

In 2023, retailers' orders for logo products will drop by 22% year-on-year. This can be a problem for brands because, "in fact, brands are offering 32% more logo products."

This shift in buying patterns was most pronounced in North America, where retailers saw a sharp 43% drop in orders for logo-branded products, followed by EMEA, where retailers saw orders drop by 16%.

Joor also pointed out that the global trend of low-key luxury "has not affected retailers in Asia Pacific as much as other regions", and that local consumers' demand for logo products continues, with retailers in Asia Pacific purchasing 8% more than last year with logo products.

Joor also said that luxury brands that symbolize quiet luxury have received more orders. After researching 15 representative luxury brands on its platform, including The Row, Lemaire, John Lobb, Sease, Valextra, and Johnstons of Elgin, orders for 2023 are up 6% compared to last year, with wholesale transactions up 22%.

Joor CEO Kristin Savilia calls it a "succession effect," explaining further: "While the logo isn’t dead, it’s taking a backseat in favor of a luxurious, unbranded look that’s subtle, understated, and more about the wearer."

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