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AZ Factory Fall Winter 2023-24 Ready to Wear Collection - Warm Fashion

Mar 7, 2023

The AZ Factory Fall Winter 2023-24 Ready to Wear collection was created in collaboration with longtime collaborators Molly Molloy and Lucinda Chambers. Inspiration is drawn primarily from feminine twists, fluidity, ornate fabrication, interest in draping and architectural forms, sculptural details and offbeat volumes.

One of the most obvious features we can see is that AZ Factory truly organically combines temperature and demeanor. The exposed skin area is small, so the vibe is very warm.

In the 23-24 FW collection flower-shaped folds are used to focus the field of vision. The padded vest is made from faux leather, which lends the knitted dress a less stuffy look.

Designers focus on creating long skirt styles, with circular patterns and irregular lines, making winter less dull. Wool and jersey are tailored to shine through the designer's tailoring.

Original video:

Overall, AZ Factory has very strong pragmatism this season. Please click like or share if you like them. Feel free to comment and share your fashion ideas.

*Images and video from AZ Factory

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