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Louis Vuitton 2024 Early Spring Women's Wear Show Staged on Bella Island

May 25, 2023

On May 24, Louis Vuitton released the brand's 2024 early spring women's clothing collection at Bella Island in Lake Maggiore, Italy.

For more than 400 years, the story of Isola Bella has been closely linked with the Borromeo family. In the 1500s, the Milanese nobleman Giulio Cesare Borromeo acquired the then-undeveloped island, and generations of family members have shaped Isola Bella into the place we know today. Now, parts of this private island are also open to the public.

LV's 2024 early spring collection has always had a tradition of catwalks outdoors. This time, it was originally scheduled to be shown in the beautiful gardens of Bella Island. Unfortunately, the weather was not good. It rained a lot that day, so the brand temporarily moved the show to the palace. But the best version of this fashion show is naturally in the outdoor garden, so LV's online live broadcast still chooses to play the pre-recorded garden show video.

In this water palace, which has something of a myth in itself, Nicolas Ghesquière tells a fantastical tale of aquatic creatures setting foot on land, like a fairy tale of mermaids.

Leaving the lake where they have lived for a long time, the water droplets on their bodies are still wet. These creatures that have just landed still retain some of their original biological characteristics, such as the fin shape of the collar, the scales on the skirt, and so on.

They travel on the shore, absorbing the influence of what they encounter and constantly evolving. In subsequent looks, there were hints of fisherman's waders, neoprene wetsuits, and a mix of Isola Bella's baroque styles.

The show ended with a collection of feminine gowns. "In the end, the mermaid becomes a flower," explains Nicolas Ghesquière.

Adding to the fantasy of the collection, the models donned exaggerated headgear and masks made in a Rome atelier, a tribute to local craftsmanship.

While handbags and shoes are practical, they are also closely related to the theme of this time.

Since Nicolas Ghesquière became the creative director of the brand's women's wear, LV's early spring women's wear show has become a world tour of art and architecture.

Before Isola Bella, LV also took everyone to these destinations with charming scenery, unique architecture, and rich artistic atmosphere: the Salk Institute (USA) designed by Louis Kahn, the long axis of Ax Majeur art created by Dani Karavan (France), the TWA Flight Center by Eero Saarinen (USA), the Meg Art Foundation by Josep Llus Sert (France), the Miho Museum by IM Pei (Japan), Nitai by Oscar Niemeyer Roy Museum of Contemporary Art (Brazil), and the John Lautner-designed private residence (USA).

"Philately" has unique buildings all over the world, and the early spring show has formed a special chapter in LV's travel story.

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