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Victoria Beckham Autumn Winter 2023 - Try Undefined Fashion

Mar 5, 2023

On March 3, Victoria Beckham's Autumn Winter 2023 show has begun. This year's new series is a new attempt at her individuality and a tribute to this experimental and fearless approach to style. All shades and styles are available. However, we should pay more attention to the following points.

The clothes are of the same color as feathers, satin, and chiffon elements, creating a sense of lightness as a whole

In Victoria Beckham's series this time, there are many dresses or suits made of satin or chiffon, which are decorated with large feathers of similar color to the clothes. They make people feel both vintage and modern, solemn and light.

Suit/flower-like cut hem dress with fishnet stockings

A key point worthy of attention is the matching of fishnet stockings in this series. Whether it's a suit or a skirt with a flower-like cut hem, paired with fishnet stockings and platform black high-heeled shoes, the overall style is vintage Gothic.

Original video:

*Images and video from Victoria Beckham

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