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The New Season of Berlin Fashion Week Will Be Held from July 10 to 13

From July 10 to 13, the new season of Berlin Fashion Week will be rooted in historical background through a series of top catwalk shows, creative installations, panels, numerous supporting events, and the simultaneous PREMIUM the group trade fair that makes Berlin Fashion Week a meeting point for national and international fashion and creativity to celebrate contemporary fashion and cultural diversity and shape the future of the fashion industry.

Berlin Fashion Week

This fashion week, the German Fashion Council (FCG) will organize the competition for contemporary fashion concepts on behalf of the Berlin Senate Department for Economic Affairs, Energy, and Public Enterprises. From 77 applications, an expert jury selected 18 designer brands from Berlin and other regions of Germany to present their latest collections at the fashion week, including established brands such as ODEEH, Esther Perbandt, RIANNA + NINA, and William Fan. It emergs designer brands such as Acceptance Letter Studio, Fassbender, Haderlump Atelier Berlin, LML Studio, Milk of Lime, Namilia, Olivia Ballard, Richert Beil, Sia Arnika, SF1OG, as well as Bobkova, Litkovska, DZHUS, and PODYH from Ukraine.

Franziska Giffey, a senator for the department, said: "Berlin Fashion Week is a showcase platform for Berlin's emerging fashion textile industry. Fashion 'Made in Berlin' is fresh, bold, and forward-looking. There are nearly 4,800 companies in the industry, 25,500 employees and a growing economy. We hope to develop Berlin Fashion Week into a stage to showcase the visionary creative craftsmanship of designers from Germany and around the world and build an international reputation. It is a pleasure to once again showcase Ukrainian talent and their series."

Berlin Fashion Week will take place across multiple locations and platforms. Der Berliner Salon returns to Kronprinzenpalais from Charlottenburg and will focus on displaying the works of 44 design and fashion talents. In addition to the opening event, it also includes a multi-day event composed of various salons to showcase Germany's latest Creative talent and branding.

The 2ewest platform once again presents the show series of the winners of the contemporary fashion concept competition after January. They will be held for the first time at the Berlin State Museum. In addition to the Kronprinzenpalais, the Alte Nationalgalerie and the James-Simon-Galerie will also present some shows. This collaborative model showcases the special synergy between Berlin's architecture, art, and fashion, offering a new perspective on the dialogue between the iconic city's cultural institutions and the contemporary fashion industry.

In January 2023, designers Rebekka Ruetz, Danny Reinke, Marcel Ostertag, and Kilian Kerner teamed up to create a concept collection for Fashion Week. During Fashion Week, they will present this work at the Verti Concert Hall with the support of W.E.4 Fashion Days.

In addition, there is also a Studio2Retail project linked with merchants, and special promotions will be launched at that time. The Neo.Fashion project provided a stage for German and Ukrainian university graduates, who will have the opportunity to present their creations to the public at the Alte Münze.

After the first show in January, the Beyond Fashion Berlin trade war once again came to the Atelier Garden. The participating brands will be divided into five categories related to sustainability to meet the needs of the public.

This summer, two major trade fairs, PREMIUM and SEEK, will come to Berlin on July 11 and 12. PREMIUM includes brands such as Silk Laundry, Shaft Jeans, Peuterey, Kennel Schmenger Schuhmanufaktur, and Les Tricots de Lea, and SEEK is organized by Armedangels and brands such as Veja, Sandqvist, Helinox, or Edwin.

It is worth mentioning that Ukrainian brands will also have their own exhibition space in Premium this season. In addition, curators from the Platte Berlin youth community will also have an exclusive area.

A series of communication activities on key trends in fashion, business, sustainable development, technology, and beauty will also be provided during this season's fashion week. Among them, the 2020–30 summit on sustainable development will be held in a smaller format to provide insights on the future of the fashion industry.

There will also be a Yoonaverse Forum in July, discussing all aspects of digital transformation within the fashion industry, and it will also be streamed in the Berlin Metaverse, where attendees can hear the latest news from the industry.


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