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What Fendi Bags to Buy in 2023?

The famous Italian luxury brand Fendi always gives people a noble feeling. As the earliest leather family, Fendi is most famous for its It Bag—the baguette bag! So besides the baguette bags, what other bags are worth starting with Fendi? Today, the editor is here to recommend some of Fendi's best-selling bags, all of which are the best-selling bags this year! People who want to buy Fendi's bags can refer to it!

Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU

Official website price: $4,400-$8,400

The Fendi Peekaboo Iconic handbag is a design launched by creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi in 2009, and it is still a must-have bag for many girls today!

The leather side of the large and medium Peekaboo Iconic can hang down to reveal the inside of the bag, which echoes the meaning of Peekaboo's "hide and seek" and is very cute. The outside of the bag is leather, and the inside is the classic design of the double F pattern. There are various styles: studs, velvet, little monsters, bead studs, embroidery, acrylic, and so on. The super cute Micro Peekaboo mini model launched in 2014 has become the most popular It Bag!

Up until now, this Fendi classic handbag is still the key bag of the brand, and it is constantly introducing new ones! Almost every year, Fendi will launch a new design of Peekaboo with an iconic design that is not afraid of being outdated, more special, or more practical.

The latest Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU and Medium Peekaboo ISeeU bags in autumn and winter 2023 also have a small inner bag. This small inner bag is very cute. It can be taken off separately, and different materials and colors can be changed. Customize your own hot-stamped letters!

The body of the Peekaboo ISeeU continues the classic design with double-sided openings and a single handle. Compared with the classic Peekaboo, the new Peekaboo ISeeU has a more concise and straight line and is more angular. The first three-layer organ design on the side of the bag makes the bag more three-dimensional and textured!

The material of Peekaboo ISeeU has different options. The leather version of PeekabooISeeU is made of delicate calfskin, and the inside is soft lambskin. There are also special felt material models, embroidery elements, and so on.

Peekaboo ISeeU has launched a total of three sizes this time, namely Medium, East-west, and Pochette. The size of East-West is smaller than that of Medium; the bag is wider and narrower; and the shape is closer to a rectangle. Equipped with adjustable shoulder straps and handles like the medium size, it can be carried by hand, on one shoulder, or across the body. The Pochette style has no handle, only a thin shoulder strap, and there are many styles. There is also a tassel style, which can also be used as a handbag.

Fendi Peekaboo ISeeU bags

Fendi Baguette Bag

Official website price: $770–$13800

The Fendi Baguette Underarm Bag was designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the third-generation head of the Fendi family, in 1997. This small and slender handbag can just be clipped under the armpit because the bag is slender, much like The feeling of the French returning home with a baguette is casual and lazy, hence the name "Baguette"!

The classic scene of "Sex and the City": the heroine Kelly was robbed; she didn't care to scream, but she was reluctant to part with the FENDI in her hand: "It's not a bag, it's a Baguette!" This is not an ordinary bag; this is a baguette Bag! What a bag-addicted woman!

The baguette bag was popular all over the world at the beginning of the 21st century, and it became the it Bag that almost every celebrity at that time had!

The baguette bag is the classic style of the Fendi family. It has released more than 1,000 styles, and it is still introducing new ones, so it will never be out of date.

From last year to this year, this is the most important year for the baguette bag. In addition to the return of this legendary bag by the Fendi brand, the family of the series is more complete. In addition to fine-tuning the size, because of the trend of ultra-mini bags in recent years, the baguette bag is also out of the super mini size, the Nano Baguette.

There are many choices in patterns and materials. In addition to solid color models and classic FF jacquard models, there are also many printed models, embroidery models, and many special elements, such as beads, weaving, tassels, etc.; the colors are fresh and suitable for summer, and some are retro. Perfect for fall and winter! Equipped with a long shoulder strap, in addition to wearing it under the armpit, it can also be carried by hand, hand, or cross-body!

Fendi Nano Baguette Bags

The FENDI Baguette bag series currently has three sizes: Baguette standard, Mini mini, and ultra-mini Nano Baguette. Nano Baguette is a more elegant chain bag; the temperament of a little fairy comes out in minutes on the back; and there is also a charm style with a ring on the top of the bag!

Fendi Nano Baguette Bags

Fendi Mon Tresor Bucket Bag

Official website price: $1290–$16200

The bucket bag style has been popular for many years. The cute shape, special fit, and special concave shape are added with triple buffs and have always been sought after by actresses and fashion trendsetters!

Fendi's Mon Tresor small bucket bag design was launched in the spring and summer of 2018. It is equipped with a drawstring and FENDI metal logo decoration. It became the hot style of the year soon after its launch! Tresor means "treasure" in French, symbolizing a treasure. This small, playful, and cute bucket bag is loved by all kinds of actresses and fashionistas to match different styles!

Mon Tresor small bucket bag

Mon Tresor bucket bags are available in solid colors and presbyopic double F models. The logo is not printed but directly engraved on the machine, and it will feel concave and convex to the touch. In order to allow everyone to freely mix and match, a lot of different colors have been launched. The summer color is relatively fresh and pink, and the logo style is more suitable for autumn backs. It is perfect to match with a coat!

Mon Tresor small bucket bag

Although the Mon Tresor series only has one MINI size, although the bag is small, it can be loaded, but it is enough to accommodate the daily necessities of girls, and each handbag is equipped with two detachable shoulder straps, one long and one short, which can be crossbody, single shoulder, or hand in various ways of carrying.


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