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Are Crocs Worth Buying? They Can Be Worn All Year Round


Crocs is a well-known shoe brand from the United States. It was founded in 2002. Crocs were originally designed for people who play on the water. It is a pair of shoes that are waterproof, non-slip, and will not leave shoe marks on the board. Later, it became famous for its unique design, comfortable functions, and unique production materials, it specializes in fashionable and comfortable lightweight shoes.

Its Crocs are very popular. They were once rated as the ugliest shoes in history because of their extremely ugly appearance. , and they were even named one of the 50 worst inventions in history by Time magazine.

cute Crocs

But the cute style really catches the hearts of girls. Recently, the more popular puff shoes and thick-soled halo clogs have been worn by many celebrities. Croslite is Crocs' proprietary closed-cell resin that is very soft and very light. It is also non-slip, colorfast, and resistant to bacteria and odors.

Made of patented Croslite material, this material will make it softer and more comfortable to wear after absorbing heat from the foot, and it will better fit the curve of the foot. It is a unique material.

Crocs styles

Innovative material: Croslite

The innovative material Croslite design has won Crocs the Ergonomic Society certification of the United States and minimizes the possibility of human body injury when wearing it, which can truly and effectively benefit customers.

This anti-slip, anti-odor, non-marking antibacterial material, Croslite, is undoubtedly the key to distinguishing Crocs shoes from competitors and counterfeiters. The one-time molding process of Crocs not only prevents the waste of materials but also contributes to environmental protection.

Crocs' creative design and changing colors provide customers with a wide range of comfortable, versatile, and casual lifestyle footwear options. The brand launched the Feel Good Revolution marketing theme in the Asian market in 2010, which simply and directly highlights Crocs.

It has always adhered to the brand image of comfort, liveliness, and creativity and aims to convey breakthroughs and changes in product design. It provides comfortable and novel leisure life shoes to more consumers all year round.

The Museum of Peace and Quiet launches hole-free joint shoes with Crocs

Crocs never loses to any brand when it comes to co-branding and marketing. Recently, it launched a hole-free shoe with Museum of Peace & Quiet, a clothing brand from Los Angeles.

Crocs X Museum of Peace & Quiet

The reason why there are no holes is that this design continues the Museum of Peace & Quiet brand's concept of conveying the beauty of tranquility with simple design, and combined with Crocs' classic shoe type, the Classic Clog, it can completely wrap around the foot after removing the holes.

The upper material has also been changed, from the previous resin to suede and nylon, decorated in two colors: olive green and turmeric.

The heel strap made of rubber material is connected with silver metal details on both sides, which enhances the texture of the entire pair of shoes.


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