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The Most Worthy Investment in a Classic Celine Bag

As a brand-name handbag lover, Celine handbags will be included in the wish list, and the price of Celine handbags will increase even more. Even though Celine's creative director has experienced Phoebe Philo and Hedi Slimane, Celine handbags are still the brand's flagship product.

New handbags will be launched every season. Many handbag styles have become classics. New colors will be added every season. To be realistic, just buy a Celine handbag and it can be used for more than 5 years at any time. The following styles are all Celine classics. Most of all, instead of renewing handbags every season, it is better to be a smart woman and invest in a brand-name handbag that will not go out of fashion.

Celine Trio Bag Series

Celine Trio Bag Series

Celine Trio Bag Series

The entry-level style of Celine's many handbags is also the first Celine handbag that many people buy. The three pouchbags are designed together, with practicality as the prerequisite. It can be carried on the side or used as a handbag. Multi-purpose design, very popular with ladies, and Celine Trio handbags are divided into 2 sizes.

Celine Belt Bag Series

Celine Belt Bag series

Celine Belt Bag series-different size

Launched in 2014, also known as "Catfish Bag", it is a recent hot style of Celine bag. The long strap in front of the bag is the design highlight of the handbag, and the Celine Belt series is multi-purpose, which can be carried by the hand and sideways. It is a good choice for backpack, work or holiday.

With the hot sale of the Celine Belt Bag series, Celine has launched the Nano Belt Bag series, which provides a wider choice for petite girls.

Celine Triomphe Bag Series

Celine Triomphe Bags Series

Celine Triomphe Bags Series

Many people are surprised that Hedi Slimane joined Celine, but Hedi Slimane does not have a one-size-fits-all Celine handbag market, and launched the Celine Triomphe series of handbags. The Celine Triomphe series of handbags are decorated with distinctive TRIOMPHE metal logo pocket buckles. The pocket buckles are drawn from the logo used by Celine in the 1970s. The design is inspired by the chains surrounding the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The design is elegant and stylish, and it has become one of Celine's classic handbags since its launch.

The Celine Triomphe series of handbags are even more loved by the younger generation. Lisa, a member of the Korean group Blackpink, often shows people the Celine Triomphe series of handbags.

Celine Triomphe Bags Series-lisa

Celine Triomphe Bags Series-lisa

Blackpink Lisa has a special liking for the Celine Triomphe series of handbags. Even in the romantic flower capital, she always uses the Celine Triomphe series of handbags to match the shape.

Celine Triomphe Canvas Bag series

Celine Triomphe Canvas Bags

The Celine Triomphe Canvas handbag series, also a masterpiece of Hedi Slimane, reshaped the brand for the first time in 1972. It was inspired by the TRIOMPHE logo on the iron chain around the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It is made of printed coated canvas and has a very retro taste. The entire series has a variety of handbag designs in different shapes to meet the preferences of different fashion people.

Among the Celine Triomphe Canvas handbag series, the most popular point must be the tote bag design, which has a high usage rate and is easy to match.

Boys can also use the Celine Triomphe Canvas series tote bag, and Korean star Zico is one of the supporters.

The other is called Avabag, which is also a kind of Celine Triomphe Canvas. The half-moon-shaped handbag is the focus of the season's trend. Of course, Blackpink Lisa has caught up.

Celine Triomphe Canvas-lisa

Celine Classic Box Bag Series

Celine Classic Box Bags Series

The Celine Classic Box series of handbags has also followed the pace of the times in recent years and launched the Teen Classic Box series with a smaller size.

Celine Luggage Bag Series

Celine Luggage Bags Series

Celine Luggage Bags Series

The Celine Luggage handbag, known as the "smiley face bag", is also the design of the first round of handbags launched by Phoebe Philo. As soon as it was launched, it immediately appeared on the waiting list in the store.

With the hot sale of Luggage, Celine launched a mini version of Luggage Nano, which is easy to match with the side straps.

Celine 16 Bag Series

Lady Gaga Celine16 series

Lady Gaga Celine16 series

Recently, Lady Gaga's most commonly used handbags must be the Celine16 series. She has made public appearances with Celine16 handbags many times. The simple dress adds to the elegance of the Celine16 series handbags.

Angelia Jolie also loves the Celine16 series handbags. The white one-piece dress and the side back use the Celine16 series handbags to easily create a sense of immortality.

Angelia Jolie Celine16 series

Angelia Jolie Celine16 series

Chinese supermodel Liu Wen wears Celine Large Soft 16 series handbags with casual wear, exuding casual fashion.


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