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What Fendi Baguette Is Worth to Buy in 2024?

Fendi is an Italian luxury brand and a maternal-centered family business. The five daughters of the Fendi couple and the 11 children of the five sisters are all involved in Fendi. In 1962, Fendi hired Karl Lagerfeld, known as the Caesar in the fashion industry, to design another double-letter logo that everyone in the fashion industry would recognize after Chanel's double C and Gucci's double G. The source of double F is Fun Far. Fendi was formerly a fur store. He also spent 10 million US dollars to hold the famous Great Wall Show in China, creating a classic show in the fashion industry, and designed Karlito based on himself. His existence is inseparable from Fendi's achievements today.

Baguette was designed by Ms. Silvia Venturini Fendi, the third generation of the family. The broadcast of "Sex and the City" made the baguette the world's first IT BAG. When the heroine Carrie Bradshaw was robbed of her bag by a thief, she did not forget to emphasize: "It's not a bag, it's a baguette." The word Baguette means "baguette" in French. People are used to calling it "baguette", not because it looks like traditional French bread, but because it is small and slender with long and short shoulder straps. It just fits under the arm, and it reminds people of the elegant and cool French woman walking out of the bakery with French bread under her arm, so someone later joked that the best thing about Baguette handbags is that there are no bread crumbs.

Especially the presbyopia baguette bag, which was born in 1997, has been popular for more than 20 years. If you want to buy your first Fendi, then you are right to choose it. The bag is a small and slender type. The shoulder strap is not long and can be tucked under the arm. Coincidentally, it happens to be a popular underarm bag style at the moment. Regarding some of the new styles of baguette bags currently on sale on Fendi’s official website, today I would like to recommend some more interesting and fashionable styles to you. Double F metal buckles, with more than 1,000 different sizes, different materials, different colors, and different patterns. Bag body, no matter what style of dress, you can find the one that suits you best.

The first one, a color-blocked sequin and leather bag, the signature medium BAGUETTE bag, embroidered all over with brown gradient-effect metallic sequins in different shapes and sizes. Decorated with FF buckle. Featuring front flap, black leather details, beaded embroidery and magnetic closure. Satin-lined interior single compartment with zip pocket and gold-finish hardware. The bag features removable handles and shoulder strap, allowing it to be carried by hand, shoulder or cross-body. The sequin texture adds more vitality to girls who love fashion. The official website price is $5,000.

Fendi baguette 1

The brand has also released some sequin elements before, and my favorite is the water snake skin texture sequin handbag below. The iconic Baguette mini handbag is covered entirely with green, white and brown sequins, creating a three-dimensional trompe l'oeil effect that imitates the natural texture of water snake skin. Dark brown leather details. Decorated with FF buckle. These two multi-color sequined handbags are actually more visually pleasing and layered compared to one-color handbags.

Fendi baguette 2

The second style, the beaded and raffia embroidered Selleria handbag. The design elements of this baguette bag are eye-catching, and it seems to feel the breath of spring. Iconic Baguette medium bag in fabric with colorblock beading and raffia embroidery, inspired by the wicker pattern. Blue Cuoio Romano leather detail with tonal widened hand-stitching. The combination of blue and gray seems to have set off this year's color contrast trend. The official price is $6750.

Fendi baguette 3

The third one is the Fendi x FRGMT x Pokémon joint series Iconic medium Baguette handbag. Made of fabric with a yellow-toned FF jacquard pattern and oversized FRGMT printed in white on both sides. Decorated with FF buckle. It features a front flap, magnetic closure, an interior compartment lined with yellow FF fabric, a zippered pocket, and an exclusive nameplate from the collaboration. Silver finish hardware. This baguette bag uses the F element to the extreme, and the integrated inside and outside pattern further reflects the characteristics of this bag. The official website price is $3750.

Fendi baguette 4

Fendi baguette 4(2)

There is a similar brown model, which is also the same price.

Fendi baguette 5

The fourth style is a handbag in artificial crystal-embellished jacquard FF fabric. The iconic medium BAGUETTE handbag is made of jacquard FF pattern fabric and is exquisitely embroidered with more than 350 artificial crystals and rhinestones. Decorated with FF buckle. I have to say that the addition of crystals and rhinestones makes people marvel at the luxurious texture of this bag. I really like it. The hemming decoration of the jewelry does not make it look cumbersome, but complements each other. There are also skirts and shirts from the same range to choose from. The official price is $4600.

Fendi baguette 6

Fendi shirt and skirt

The fifth style, dove gray crocodile leather handbag. Iconic medium BAGUETTE handbag, from the Stefano Pilati collaboration design series, in exquisite dove gray crocodile leather, decorated with FF buckle. This baguette bag made of high-grade crocodile leather. Although it shows the luster of the leather from a distance, if you look closely, you can see the exquisite crocodile leather texture, which is regular, elegant and smooth to the touch. Of course, the price of this handbag is not unexpected, with the official website selling for $23,000.

Fendi baguette 6

Silvia Venturini Fendi, the chief designer who created Baguette, once said, Amidst all this chaos, I was asked to design a unique, simple and practical handbag. In a sense, I have to balance technology with simplicity, just like in this day and age. My response was (luckily I'm a maverick) BAGUETTE. It was a betrayal of all that was asked of me. It achieved unexpected success and became the most popular product in the world.

Of course, Fendi also has other series of famous and worth buying styles. Follow us and don’t miss timely updates.

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